Nancy Ellen Craig's Biographical Statement

nancy craig, artist, portrait artist, cape cod For more than forty years, both in Europe and America, I have been painting portraits professionally. I am fortunate to have been considered an outstanding portraitist. According to Frederic Tauber, eminent 20h Century classicist, "Craig's work approaches the best American portrait painter, Thomas Eakins…Few of our portraitists today can do such work." (American Artists' Magazine, 1954)

As a young artist (in my twenties), living near New York, I received numerous awards from the large juried exhibitions I entered. In my thirties, I left New York and settled in Truro, on Cape Cod, with my husband, a poet. When I wasn't away on a portrait commission (which often took me for extended periods to Europe and the Caribbean), I started doing larger paintings – mural-size canvasses in my barn-studio. The inspiration for these canvasses comes from mythology, the Bible, political subjects and my own imagination.

Throughout my painting career, however, and my forays into different genres, portraiture has always been my first and last love. A portrait painted from life is analogous to walking along a precipice in search
of an elusive prey, and intense and exhilarating experience.

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